san fran stole my heart

This was my first time seeing San Francisco!
Well, like I mentioned before, this whole trip was first time visits. :)

We were only there a couple hours,
heading down from Sonoma back to Murrieta to pick up Ewan.
But I coulda stayed there forever.
I was most excited about THE bridge!
Ummm, MOVE stupid fog.
Crossed over. Awesome. Parked at Ghiradelli Square. Yum. Bought chocolate.
Then went to gaze at the iconic red beauty from across the water.
And took the traditional bridge-in-the-background picture,
that EVERYONE takes when they go there,
and I wanted mine...
Dang. Stupid fog. :)
I wanted In-N-Out for breakfast. Hamburger protein style, with fries and chocolate shake, thankyouverymuch.
But settled for Jeff's choice. He's a breakfast guy. I hate breakfast food.
But to my fancy, they had this European plate on the menu. Meat, bread, cheese, I'll take it!
More touristy walking...
sourdough and chocolate buying...
trolley hunting...
And home we went.
Home sweet home.
We love you California.
Thank you for being so amazingly beautiful.

Well, that was it. I was hoping to have a big finish to this roadtrip extravaganza, but for now, this is the end. Maybe I'll revisit it later, I had hopes of a video recap with the tons of car footage taken. But things are movin' on here, especially since we've been back home livin' the everyday life for nearly 3 weeks now. :)
Now for some fun...
Like the Home Sweet Home print above?
And Miss Molly is havin' a little giveaway.
Go check it, yo. :)

And some more fun...
I'm participating in The Alphabet Blog Hop
over at One Sydney Road!
So excited! But soooooo not ready.
I'm up to bat in a few days, so "P" hunting I'll be going tomorrow,
or Tuesday... Ah! I'll be cuttin' it close. :)
Come back Thursday to see what I find!
And check out the rest of the hoppers this week, here.