Every weekend in October, Camp Snoopy turns into Camp Spooooky with fun shows and activities geared towards kids ages 3-11. Kids are encouraged to dress up when visiting, and join the Peanuts Gang for a costume party parade. There's also a mini monster maze, a potion station, and a Charlie Brown Halloween stage show, along with all the fun family rides in Camp Snoopy!

If you are local, Knotts Season Passes for 2015 are on sale now! At just 9 payments of $8.50, you will get unlimited visits to Knotts Berry Farm in 2015. And buying now will also get you one free 2014 park visit which can be used for Camp Spooky this month! 

Our other Knotts favorites shown above: the calico railroad with its bandit holdups, ghost town, mystery lodge show, jewelry shopping, and the geode shop… we have a growing collection of rocks, gemstones, and geodes from our stop ins there every visit.

We love Knotts Berry Farm!
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A special thanks to Knotts, and all those involved, who make these family events so fun and special. The memories made are priceless, and we are always excited and looking forward to visiting! xo!