Last thursday was a rough day. Then one rough day lead to a couple more. And before I knew it an entire exhausting week had passed, and we're just now finally feeling on top of things again. When life gets heavy, I shut down, and seek comfort in closing off from everyone and everything so I can focus on my family. I took a long social media break and it was exactly what was needed. A break from something. Because what we all really want a break from, is not possible. There are no breaks from diabetes. It's a 24 hour, completely consuming thing. And it will always be that way now. What I realized this past week is that as much as we push for normal, it is a new normal that pushes back at us that we still haven't figured out. The four of us are still trying to work through this together. We haven't even hit the three month mark since diabetes joined us, so I have to remind myself that this is still so new. There's this hard-to-explain feeling right now that we are suspended in a middle point of pre-diabetes and post-diabetes life.

It will get there. We will get there. "His mercies are new every morning" on repeat… this truth (Lamentations 3:22-23) helps us through each new day. I know there are other mamas going through this. So many of you specifically come to mind from recent emails back and forth, and instagram connections made through the diabetes hashtags. I have been encouraged to continue to write about it all, especially these early days navigating the new.

These past 10 days were a rough patch. But we loved and cried (a lot) and prayed and rested. Lots of rest was so needed. Without social media I was able to read through two 500 page books. Its been a long time since I got lost in a book, this week two! We have weekend plans that we are all looking forward to. Finally, family time out of the house. The heaviness of this past week has lifted and we are ready to move forward and into the new season. Fall is finally here (!!) and it holds so much promise and hope.