we love Knotts Berry Farm during valentines and halloween,
but there's nothing like a beautiful, Knotts summer day!

first stop for rides, camp snoopy!
the new rides are the cutest! I tried them all.
then on to the train rides in calico.
the bottle house is always filled with treasures.
photo by ewan.
on the stagecoach, the original ride of the park. we sat right up front with the horses and the cowboy telling us stories about the 1800s stagecoach we were riding.
gangnam style snoopy!
train number two for the day, and nap time for graham. he fell asleep watching his hand, which I had no idea happened until jeff showed me this video later, poor tired baby boy.
lunch! table for three, while graham slept in the stroller.
we didn't win the big prize, but the sweet teenage couple below did. hope it fit in their car. :)
more games while graham slept.
and last stop rock shop. ewan picked out one of the geode rocks that they cut and we got to be beautifully surprised.

every time we go to Knotts, we have the BEST, most memorable day. this past saturday we got to the park for breakfast at Grizzly Creek Lodge and stayed through dinner... we never wanted to leave!

Camp Snoopy is celebrating it's 30th anniversary this year, with all new rides and food and fun! see video of the new rides in action here! and the new snoopy ice show was the boys favorite! graham is still talking about snoopy dancing to gangnam style!

we always love ghost town, with it's shops filled with leather and feathers, pendelton bags and minnetonka shoes. our favorite shop as a family is the rock shop, filled with gems and minerals and geodes. we each thoughfuly picked out a rock to take home. ewan says he's going to starting collecting geodes for life now. :)

and if you have train loving boys like I do, Knotts is perfect for them. we rode the Camp Snoopy train, the Calico Railroad with it's "nice robbers", The Butterfield Stagecoach, and the classic Calico Mine Co. Ride which opened November 22, 1960, and just re-opened with all new additions!

and have you seen the Knotts summer farm fresh commercial?

now don't you want to visit all the berry farm fun!

Thank you Knotts Berry Farm for a ridiculously fun, family summer day!