we love our annual passes. and we love our friends with annual passes.
always a perfect place to meet up for a few hours with the kids.
I feel like I've know kayleen forever through blogging,
but this was the first time we met up, at disneyland, with the kids, who naturally loved each other.
four year olds are awesome like that.
and last night was ewan's first ride on 'soaring over california'.
an all time favorite of mine I couldn't wait to share with him.
and a few weeks earlier we carpooled to the parks with sarah and shane...
everyone got buzz guns. one gun was promptly thrown into the river.
and was later sweetly replaced by a cast member.
ewan made a call for sugar,
and sarah delivered, with cotton candy the size of their heads.
and a then beautifully pregnant friend, now has a five week old Holden!
more disneyland trips with the newbie soon. :)