Our baby is TWO! And we had a sweet celebration with family at our house. I taped balloons to the ceiling and brought out everything blue I had to put together some sort of a theme. :) It was perfect backyard weather for all the cousins to play. There was pizza and ice cream, and a tiny blue layer cake for the birthday boy. Everyone stayed late and I brought out the piles of blankets I have in this house so we could all bundle up outside as the sun went down. I love my big family and all the love they shower on everyones birthday (which we have one or more everything month except April, our month off). Graham felt so super special on his big day that he requested we sing him happy birthday over and over... I re-lit those two candles on his cake about five times and we sang the birthday song each time for him. I have video of that for another day. :)

Happy Birthday Graham-Bear! Stay little now.