Before iphones and mobile internet. Before myspace and facebook. Before twitter and geotagging. I married my best friend. And only he and I and the 120 people we invited knew where and when.

We baked in the september sun for the outdoor ceremony, and danced the night away in the victorian house just up the hill from the lake. There was a hosted bar, and a chocolate fountain. No seating assignments, just sit wherever. It was the happiest day, with my favorite people.

I've shared a lot of the same, favorite wedding pictures here on the blog over the years. So this year, I was determined to find some new ones to share. Like the handmade veil and crocheted garter from my mom, the blue velvet couch in the bridal room, our kate spade toasting glasses, the hand painted portrait presented at the reception, the great-grandmas cutting the rug... all special memories. A lot of these pictures below came from my in-laws old point and shoot camera that was passed around. There's not one picture collected from that day, 8 years ago, that I don't love. I was just telling my mom today that I wouldn't change a thing. Ever.

Such a mismatched group of pictures. But all special to me. There's so many more to share... next year!

Right now the two boys are in bed, Jeff is at school, and I'm reminiscing through all kinds of old pictures while waiting for him to get home. I have wedding cake ready and almond champagne waiting to toast... 8 years!!