And I thought I had a good party 8 years ago... Liana's wedding was amazing. It took place during the hottest, heat wave week of August. And it rained. And rained. All day. Which explains the flat curls and frizz. We never saw it coming. The wedding planner had her eye on the sky, and the ceremony took place on her go, in between rain clouds. August rain clouds! With a thunder and lightning show during the vows. It was actually pretty awesome. We then all huddled back inside to wait out more rain passing through. But it wasn't long before the dance floor was wiped dry, the tablecloths rung out, and we were back outside to dance, eat, make speeches, and dance some more. The 'robot' is Ewan's specialty, as seen above.

Happy one month wedding anniversary to Liana and Ryan!

Aaaand happy four year anniversary to other married sister, Felicia and Brandon!
Our anniversaries are two days apart.

Three weddings down, three to go!
My parents are getting good at this wedding thing.

all photos by Nick Wisda
and you might recognize a lot of these guys in the wedding party