Graham's been running a fever for two days, hurry up new tooth.

I quit facebook and bought a domain name in the same hour today.

I have my fourth and last bachelorette of the summer to attend this weekend, Palm Springs I'm comin!

Storm clouds, summer rain, rainbows, earthquake, full moon, and 100 degrees. Um, what.

Ewan starts preschool next week. Makes me sad, happy, nervous... I can't figure it out.

Jeff started his second year of law school this week. Reality check.

Liana is married. MARRIED. Visited their new apartment this past weekend, she just seemed way too grown up.

The boys' boutonnieres from the wedding are still on my mantel, and I just saw the professional photos from the wedding day, whoa baby. Beyond.

Speaking of wedding, dad left me a message the other day saying, "hit me back later". Apparently he's the next jayZ since his video went 400 views viral.

I bought two of these shirts this week.

My mom's birthday is tomorrow, the last of 6 family birthdays for the month of August.
(mom, dad, sister, brother, ewan, and wyatt. in case you were trying to count.)

Not to mention two friends who turned 30 this month. And so it begins.

The shop is 5 sales away from 100!!!

Way looking forward to the three-day weekend. The end.

As Ewan would say, blaahhhh!