So this past weekend I went to thee orange county vintage sale of the summer, and grabbed a couple goodies and couple new friends!

I met Danni, Rubyellen, and Tara!

As I headed into the sale I beelined straight to a familiar face, my long time friend Heather. She told me about the upcoming sale, and I definitely wanted to pick through her kids clothes first thing.

Heather then introduced me to Tara!

Tara was just as california cool as I had imagined her to be. Her blog was one of the first ones I started following after I started mine back in 2007, and we have hooked up recently on instagram. It was a quick "meet in real life" as I was headed into the sale and her early bird self was headed out. She beat the heat, smart woman.

Then a booth over was Ruby! And Ben, and Glow! Sweetness overload with that family. I tried to steal one of her pillows on display, but I couldn't run fast enough. :) And recently discovered... Ruby and I are practically neighbors! Time to get the boys together with all those girls.

And my big purchase of the day was a $15 vintage globe. I chit chatted with the woman who took my money telling her how I wanted to take home everything. Happy with my purchase, and showing it off to Heather later, she told me it was Danni I bought it from. Hand slap to the forehead. I'm so bad at these meet-in-real-life things. I did the same thing with someone else recently who I'm too embarrassed to say who it was. Regardless of me being clueless, Danni was just as lovely in person as she is on her blog. And I'm in love with her old / my new globe.

Stroller parking in the front, patient men waiting in the back. All the ladies selling and shopping were pure happy. It was such a fun place to be on a Saturday morning!

I had pulled my sister out of bed that morning to go vintage hunting with me, as she lives only a couple streets over from where the sale was held. And if you know me like she does, once I'm out of the house, it's hard to get me back home. I take full advantage of personal time when I'm out and about. So sister and I went on to the thrifts after, even sitting on the street curb waiting for one of them to open at 11am. We scored some good finds, had fun walking the downtown streets in her hood, and said we would do it every Saturday until forever.

gold bar bracelet from oh, hello friend.
(neon pura vida bracelet from the oxford trunk)

Sisters, friends, and good finds. Every saturday please?