Every year, Jeff's mom hatches baby chicks. After she warms and turns the eggs for weeks while teaching her preschool students about spring chickens, they always pop out of the eggs right around Easter. These guys were a tiny, one week old. And just as sweet and fluffy as ever, perfect for the babies to whack at. :)

Chick picture overload. But each one was cuter than the one before! (Pics straight outta the camera, thanks to Jeff workin' it like a pro.) Peggy has claimed a couple chicks to keep in her backyard chicken coop with the other full-grown egg producers (and to her, lovey pets), and the rest are raised as egg-producers at a local farm. And Ewan claimed his favorite buddy too, as seen above.  His cousin Violet, claimed five. :)

And that was just an hour of all the fun from yesterday!