Happy MARCH! grassy, kelly, lime, pistachio... I outfitted the shop with new spring greens for the month! Including new color collections to save you a buck or two. woohoo!


New mama, Sandy a la Mode, is a fan of the shop and offered to put my button up on her blog, exciting! Her newbie Austin makes the cutest bowtie model, and she has a huge group giveaway going on right now, click below!


Have you heard about The Homies? Sweet sweet Jessica nominated this blog for Apartment Therapy's Best Family Blog 2012! She let me know in the comments of this post, and I couldn't have thanked her enough for being so wonderful. For all the fellow blog writers, you know how much time and love goes into each post, so it's extremely heart-melting to know others are reading, enjoying, and umm... nominating! hello! Just wanted to give her a shoutout and internet hug for such a sweet gesture. Check out all the nominees here!


Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

We're going to leave the book reading and bow making behind
to get out and enjoy the 80 degrees coming our way! xo!