babiekins: wild things!


Thanks to a super sweet phone call from my friend Heather, Graham was invited to be the "baby" and me the "mom" for the Wild Things shoot for Babiekins Magazine. Coolest thing I've ever done in my mom days. And the Kenney/Rome team made me feel like a supermodel with a big confidence-boosting, beautiful sun hat and lens flare captured for miles.

Ewan was with me, and snuck in a couple of shots after he saw Heather pull out the painted sticks and feathered arrows for the boys to play with. The other kids in the spread are professionals from agencies. And they made it look effortless. I was trying to follow the girls' lead, but they clearly won the pout contest. Leave it to the professionals.

Finally getting to see Heather do her styling first-hand was a treat! We've been friends since she was pregnant with Pip, and I love seeing her have so much success as she shares her talent! And homegirl Jessie Kenney is from my hometown and took these photos when Graham was 8 months old. I will treasure them always.

Photography by Jessie Kenney / Styled by Heather Rome / Creative Director Priscila Barros / For Babiekins Magazine Spring 2012
On me // Necklace: Pinkpoppyseed On Graham // Neckerchief: DeFaybe / Kimono: Fili / Wild Onesie: MiniRodini / Pants: ThumbandPinky / Mocassins: Boumy // For the rest: Babiekins Issue 8