it's snowing!

{in the living room!}
the last awaited christmas package came yesterday, and just like that, shopping was done!
and boy oh boy, packing peanuts are just too tempting for a 3 year old.
sooo, we made it snow! complete with snow angels.
and graham has never laughed so hard.
that makes for a whopping THREE things that will crack this kid.
he's a quiet soul, but can't resist a good belly laugh for:
packing peanuts......balloons......surgical gloves
strange, i know. but logically, they're a small collection
of things with that weird, squeaky texture.

And then today, I was feeling kinda lame for not doing any christmas crafts with ewan yet,
so during graham's nap time I dug through the craft box and brought out the works!
ewan's attention span lasted 5 seconds, and he then thought it was way more fun to just
scoop up the beads and glitter and throw them up in the air. awesome.
we resorted to cutting scraps of paper and vacuuming for fun.
and I cut out a flurry of flakes, which he thought were pretty cool to open and see the surprise.
in the end, 3 year old boys couldn't care less about crafting (guess i need a girl for that)
but i feel like i earned a few cool mom points over the last two, messy, snowy days. :)

On another note, I was recently mentioned on Juggling in Heels! Love her! We hit it off at a blog event in October, her and her family were the coolest. And I just wanna pass that sweet award right back to her and her fabulously chic blog! Thanks Sarah! I'm passing this Liebster on (read about it here) to five new, up-and-coming blogs I have recently come across, with the exception of the first one... that goes to my BFF Bryann (we've both been blogging for quite some time now) at Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust. :) And four more to hand out... Shades of Gray, A Girl In Transit, The Pinterest Project, and having 4 sisters myself, I love the idea of the Five TD Sisters blog! Happy blog hopping!