shortcut crochet: jar cozy

These lovelies are from dottie angel,
which I immediately covered my mantel with and christmas gifted last year.
Now here's the shortcut version...
 Gather those crochet chains of yours...
 Aim your hot glue gun at a clean jar. In my case here, Prego sauce and baby food jar.
 Wrap, wrap, dot of glue, wrap. Tie on new color as desired.
Add some water and pretty flowers or tea light candles...
mine here at home hold all my colorful crochet hooks. :)

All these shortcut crochet projects I'm sharing are for first time crocheters or anyone that wants to get that instant satisfaction of a finished project in one sitting. And when asked about these pretties, go ahead and soak up that, "yeah, I totally made that!" moment.