shortcut crochet: holiday wreath

Welcome new followers! To me, fall is all about cozy time with my yarn stash and crochet hooks!
Who needs a new wreath idea... You? Perfect.
Gather your supplies, which will include single crochet chains, learn how HERE. Pumpkin optional.
(And just today found a genius idea of hardware store tubing for wreath making on pinterest!)
 Aim your glue gun. Be generous.
Wrap, wrap, glue, wrap. Tuck ends. Or not. Loose ends are cute too.
Hang. Smile big.

This wreath is part of my "shortcut crochet" projects I'm sharing for first time crocheters or anyone that wants to get that instant satisfaction of a finished project in one sitting. And when asked about this little lovely hanging on your wall, go ahead and soak up that, "yeah, I totally made that!" moment.

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