our fourth! (and third)

Did anyone else feel the extreme exhaustion after the super long, hot, holiday weekend? Jeff went to work today and said everyone was practically asleep at their desks, if they made it in at all. And here at home, we stayed in our pjs all day and played any game that required us to lay on tummies on the floor. But that's the price to pay for a fun in the sun weekend that included a beach day for the fourth, after a pool day the day before. To end the sluggish Tuesday, Jeff picked up frozen yogurt on his way home for me and him, while I popped a bag of popcorn for ewan (since he won't eat anything cold, which includes ice cream. hey, more for me!)... and we watched Bee Movie.

I can't believe tomorrow's Wednesday. It's like lazy today didn't even count. This first week of July is going to fly by!

ewan was super excited for fireworks. and graham actually reeeeally liked 'em, silly baby.
And sidenote, both sisters are still pregnant!
My sis is due in ONE DAY. And Jeff's sis is due in one month. Babies coming soon!