"It is ten o’clock and, like most nights, my wife and I are sitting on separate ends of the room. Each of us typing away at our computers, Katrina spends her nights updating the world on our family’s happenings through her blog and I pass the time with homework, online discussions, revenue projections or browsing through a countless number of golf websites. The previous three hours, having been spent with our two sons, are now forgotten as we both try to find just a few last moments in the day for ourselves. Hunting for ladybugs named Thomas, building “pillow caves” on the bed, spinning, jumping, running, screaming and an hour spent trying to figure out if our three-month-old’s cries were out of hunger, pain, fatigue or intestinal troubles no longer seem as if they occurred within this same day. This is the time I am able to chase my dreams, to work on my education, my company, my relationship with Christ and my golf game. My aspirations are endless and having two kids under the age of three has helped me realize that sleep is often times a trivial matter."
That was the beginning paragraph to Jeff's law school application personal statement. To which HE WAS ACCEPTED! To his first choice school, WITH a scholarship. Praise Jesus! And the very following day to the school acceptance phone call, we got the call from the owner of the rental we looked at, WE GOT THE HOUSE! God is good! Or tying to kill me. Way too much emotional excitement to handle for one family. And you read that correctly, HOUSE. We're moving outta the apartment bubble, into a 2-car garage, 3 bedroom, laundry room, backyard, real-deal house. I feel like such a grownup all of a sudden. And if you're local, you may recognize the place in the photo above and know exactly where we're moving to. More inland, which means goodbye ocean. But closer to family, which is a priority for us while Jeff works his way through night school and I'm home with the boys as a single-parent essentially, three nights a week for the next four years.
There ya have it. Our new life waiting for us, all set to begin August 26th. I'm so extremely proud of my husband and love him for his ambition and passionate spirit, his faith, and the security and incredible example he provides for his family. And I'm overwhelmed with all the decisions and changes being made and haven't had the words to express it fully for the last week. I'm a big mess of excitement and nervousness, anxious, worried, pleased as punch happy and exploding with joy (all at once!) when I get lost in the thoughts of all that is ahead.