the complete package

It was so cute to see all the dad's this morning at church looking extra happy. Proudly pushing strollers and chasing their little ones. My Jeff was looking extra cute with his boys for sure. I love seeing the three of them together, the way Ewan and Graham act different with their daddy than with me. Jeff is the complete-package parent. He's compassionate and strong. smart and goofy. quiet and loud. teacher and friend. patient and understanding. nurturing and a rough-houser. He makes fun messes and brings home treats. He's the better cooker, joke-teller, magna-doodle artist, pretender, fort-maker, bath-giver... really, he's the better favorite parent! (And he'll read this and say, "yup, I am." He's not modest.) I'm secretly hoping Graham's a mama's boy, cause there's no hope for Ewan... he's a daddy fan all the way! But I can't blame him, that man is my favorite too. :)

Happy Father's Day! We love you sweetie!

And a big happy father's day to Jeff's dad, who is vacationing at walt disney world right now, and to my dad, who we just saw for lunch today! They're the complete package too, always and endlessly spilling out love for their kids and grandkids. xo!

{daddy shirt set: etsy}