got blog time?

No? Me either.

Graham is 2 months old! And as he gets older, I get less sleep, less down time, less showers... buuuut I gain more smiles, more coos, more wide-eyed play times, more arm reaches out towards me. He just went for his check-up monday and now weighs a lucky 13lbs 13oz, 90th percentile. Yep, that's what nursing a hungry boy every 2 hours, for 2 months, 24 hours a day, gets ya. Can't really call him my peanut anymore these days. Just waiting for the day that his feedings start to spread apart and I can get a baby sleep-thru-the-night in sight. Ewan thinks his brother is finally becoming a little more interesting. He's not just a swaddled doll on the couch anymore. So big brother is always good for pushing the swing, shaking a rattle, or singing Graham a song. Usually small world. :)

Because I can't quite keep up with the days passing so quickly on here,
I've been trying to update via twitter over there.
Follow, so you dont miss any breaking news regarding summer plans, 4am baby antics, or quick twitpics sent via Jeff's phone when I get my hands on it. I steal his android whenever possible cause my expired, old, sprint nothing phone is lame. Now quick, someone please send me an iphone and stick me on their family plan! I neeeed instagram. :)

And while I'm on the subject of follow, go read this lovely lady's post, cause I couldn't have said it better myself!
And I tried once. :) I'm her newest follower, after I found her via this other lovely lady, who I follow and "support". :)

Alrighty, so blog post, baby update, twitter shoutout, recently raveled... still haven't gotten myself into pintrest or flickr, but who knows, I'm always finding new ways to embrace my love of technology and all it's wonderful forms of communication and expression of our loves at home and passions that makes us lovely. Heck, I'm even thinking about opening the door of "trading handmade"... just as soon as I tackle this pile of yarn and turn it into all the pretty ideas I have in my head.

Now that I'm 2 months in to life with a baby and 2 year old, life has adjusted and is becoming more balanced, and I feel like I'm hitting my stride again as a mother, wife, sister, friend. Can't wait to share more of the things we've been up to around here. Ahhhhh, life is good.