a spider and an elephant

My morning story was too long for twitter, but too funny not to share.

Me: Sick in bed this morning.
Ewan: Runs in, "Mom, come see the bug!"
What bug?

"The bug with long legs."
Is it a bug or a spider?

"A spider."
Is it big or little?

Is it on the tv show, or on the floor?

"On the floor, come see!"
Run out to living room.

"Aww, it's gone."
"But LOOK! I peed on the couch."

Oh, the joys of motherhood. :)

Day two of being sick, and being one step behind Ewan's every move. I'm now off to throw in a load of accident underpants from the day, then bed, before it starts all over again tomorrow. But even in the midst of crazy, nothing brings more smiles than the stories of a potty-training 2 year old and a 3 week old elephant in a onesie.

FYI: long-legged, big sider still MIA