onesies and towels and toys, oh my!

Still waiting for pics from sunday to be emailed to me... but you may have heard through twitter, my sis-in law, along with all my family and friends, threw me a SURPRISE baby shower! Totally unsuspected. Totally a real-deal surprise. Still overwhelmed by all the love.
I went from having nothing (but hand-me downs from ewan), to having everything.
Today I was in baby heaven, organizing all the fresh clothes and rearranging furniture.
This baby boy can come now. any day. any day. now please. :)
While I was taking pictures of the closet, this is what ewan was doing below my feet. :)
Follower yet? I also tweeted a bit of my garage sale adventures with ewan this weekend. He so enjoyed scoping out toys. $1 after $1, this Thomas "computer", among other things, followed us home.