all day breakfast

It's like it was IHOP over here today...
breakfast, lunch, and dinner consisted of breakfast, breakfast, breakfast.
Jeff came home to me cooking crepes with blueberries and whip cream for dinner.
And in the picture above, you can catch a glimps of the chocolate chip scone filled jar,
that I freshly baked for my lunch.
And Ewan happened to flip a little of breakfast this morning,
which was muffins and waffles.

I just can't kick this sweet tooth this pregnancy. But the boys sure aren't complaining.

(Try my mom's crepe recipe here.)

UPDATE: Crepe tips:
*all ingredients at room temp help keep the batter from getting lumpy.
*only cook the 2nd side for about 20 seconds, just to heat through.
*and grease pan after every crepe. spray pam, butter, whatever.