pillow fort

My pillow fort. That I rolled out of this morning, like I do every morning. 6 pillows, 2 blankets, down comforter and husband's hand in stretched reach to touch, help me sleep at night while pregnant. 32 weeks today pregnant to be exact.

First trimester kills me.
Second is a breeze.
Third trimester kills me, my back, my energy or lack there of.

I'm at that point in pregnancy where some nights you sleep, and some nights you don't.
One night this week I slept 12 hours, last night I slept none.
But I always look forward to my fluffy fort, it's as comforting as it is fun for Jeff and I to construct perfectly every night.

Speaking of Jeff, and pregnancy pains,
just like with ewan's pregnancy, my poor husband gets his share of sympathy pains.
Hilarious I tell you.
Nausea, weight gain, cravings, and now lack of sleep.
Don't worry, he'll survive. As will I. Only 8 weeks to go. :)