There was a peek of my side table in the last post.
Here's a close up...

  • Stack of magazines.
  • Alarm clock that so luxuriously for a stay at home mom never gets set.
  • Glass of water, always. I have a thirsty curse where I love to drink a ton right before bed, then am forced to stumble to the dark bathroom 10 times a night.
  • Stack of books, most done and read. And a vhs I keep meaning to take to Costco to get converted to dvd.
  • My Sprint Pixi.
  • 8week and 20week ultrasounds of Graham.
  • And my favorite, a basket full of tiny baby boy things that I've been collecting, thrifted sweaters and shoes I've come across, crocheted things I'm working on, and my just received handmade overalls from Jeff's grandmother. She knits, and she's gooood. I started this basket collection once I found out we were having a boy. It's been a daily dose of excitement of what's to come very soon!