new years wedding

January 1st. Outside. Freezing!
But beautiful celebration. Beautiful couple.
 Our handy handwarmers and vintage clutches. Poor beads are falling off of mine.
 Let me tell you... trying to find something to wear to a winter wedding, outside, 7 months pregnant...
challenging to say the least.
 Thank goodness for the h&m sale, lots of layers, and scoring a table by the heat lamps. 28 week belly shot!
 And, if you haven't heard the word on her blog, my sis is expecting too!
28 weeks and 14 weeks, yeeee!
And if you invite one, you invite us all. My parents, with their 6 kids and 2 son-in-laws.
It's worth having us take up an entire table at your wedding. We're a good time. :)