etsy birthday wishlist

I never do a christmas list, but I kinda love birthday wishlists.
And as you can see, I have a thing for yellow and gold. I'll take one of each above. :)
Since clothes are out of the question for my birthday on the 20th, I'm in the market for some girlie accessories. And I'm in the mood for a girlie, special day. Since my birthday comes up so fast after the holidays, I usually get my gifts wrapped in left over christmas wrapping. And since I share the birthday month with my husband (16th) and two brother in-laws (30th &31st), we usually all get gifted dvds and joint dinner gift cards, since my poor family gets hit with 4 birthdays celebrated together right after the holidays. And since I'm 7 months pregnant with a boy, living in a household of boys, and share my birthday every year with the boys, I'm dying to feel a little special and girlie this year. And let's just blame the pregnancy hormones for making me totally unrestrained in saying all this out loud.

So, I pulled these etsy items from my favorites list. And now I'm gonna go shop online at some of my favorite stores and leave an "anonymous" list for Jeff in his golf bag. :)