how to get a tree in 30 minutes

It's the weekend again, already?! Well, the plans for this weekend are gift shopping with jeff and ewan, and a girl's night out for mama. Last weekend was get a tree weekend. And we've enjoyed turning on it's twinkly lights all week.

Just like last year, we were quick.
...local tree lot around the corner ...head to the 6 footer section ...grab one,
shake it out ...haul it to the register ...grab a stand ...throw it in the car ...done.

And bring candy canes along. :)

Picking a tree is always easy breezy. You really can't pick a bad one, so we always just go with the first one that grabs our attention. Every tree has it's own personality and it's fun to see it shine happily when we get it home.

And make sure you do the skip-happy dance on the way out. :)