all I want for christmas

Years past were easy, this year however I had given up the idea of seeing santa at the mall.
No matter how many times we passed him by, waved, explained how the kids talk to santa about toys,
ewan was nervous and totally against it. And I wasn't gonna force it.

But, my parents have a local santa that makes the rounds to all the neighborhoods in a firetruck
with a choir and some elf and reindeer pals. Last night was his scheduled stop, thought we'd give it a shot...
Success! Santa was sweet and ewan was so cute sitting on his lap telling what he wanted...
What?! Embarrassing. Even if the crowd of parents behind me thought it was hilarious.
Where do boys learn this stuff? He sure doesn't pick it up from wow wow wubzy or blue's clues.
And I swear we're not a violent family!

Now to find a 2 year old appropriate "gun" to put under the tree. Geez.