old wives' tale

This is me. Today. At 1:35pm, as the clock states. :)

Almost 20 weeks. Half way done!

Boy or girl? We find out next week!

Wanna play the guessing game with me? Here are some gender predictions based on old wives' tales and the facts of my current state of pregnancy...

I prefer sleeping on my left side: boy

I was super sick first trimester. More so than with ewan: girl

Dry hands: boy (or maybe we can just blame the weather right now.)

Dry hair: girl

Bad skin/break outssss: girl

I very very clumsy: boy

With ewan I craved salt, this time, sweeeeeet tooth: girl

Moody mood swings: girl (or how 'bout just plain blame pregnancy. this old tale is stupid.)

Low, straight out belly growth, same as ewan: boy

Toddler boy (ewan) shows interest in belly: girl (really? seems far fetched.)

Slow heartbeat: boy

Age and year of conception, one even one odd: boy

Chinese calendar: inconsistent. one says boy, another says girl

If you notice, it's a dead heat. Hard to lean one way or the other. I think boy. Jeff thinks girl. Ewan (who shows belly interest :)...) thinks girl.

To be continued...

old tales from: Parents.com
p.s. every time I typed "wives" it came out "wines" and had to be corrected. Aw, I miss wine.
p.p.s. Jeff HATES when I wear his shirts. But I can't help it, his j.crew's are just so soft and comfy. Shhh, I change and put away everyday before he gets home. What he doesn't know won't hurt him. :)