self timer sonoma

We were obviously not on our game that day when it came to hit-the-button-run-and-pose.
Hideous. And this was BEFORE any wineries. New plan: wineries, then pictures. You guessed it, it gets better. :)

It's a Monday afternoon. Just the 2 of us. Wineries are open from 11:30am-4:30pm. We took full advantage of the 5 hours.
A little facebook mobile uploading interruption. You know you do it too. :)
I love cheese. This was cheese heaven.
Picnic time.
Instead of the smile-and-look-hot-with-food-in-your-mouth, we got the creepy-eaters-under-the-tree-look. Obviously.
Nothing a half-dozen timer shots later couldn't help. You know, gotta capture the moment. In a perfect post it on the blog kinda way. :)
More wine tasting.
More bottle purchasing. And look! it only cost $10 for 8 bottles. Right. That's what you get at the last winery when everything tastes amazing. An armload to take home and put in your non-existent wine cellar. :)
Gallivanting around Napa and Sonoma from point A-H, done. And back to our hotel we went. Long drive home tomorrow...