pppppart 2

Thanks for popping back in for part 2! :)
public parking
In-N-Out, protein style
and pose. (in our peep toes and pumps!)
the popo
peeking at celebs
pretty poles
more paps
Presenters for Best Play
(that would be hot hot Brooklyn Decker and Mad Man, Jon Hamm)
Players of the Year, New Orleans Saints
Post Party with DJ Biz (Biz' beat of the day! Yo Gabba Gabba anyone??)
Performer, Lil' Kim
Ok, I'm stretchin' it with the P's now :)
party pics
And a little pucker. :)

And that'll do it. Now what to do with all the pictures I took of parks, playgroups, picnics, popsicles, pooches, porches, purses, palm trees, piers, petunias... you know, all the things you expected from an orange county mom. :)