alphabet walk blog hop!

Weeeeelcome Alphabet Walk Blog Hopperrrrrrs!

This was my first time joining a big group blogging event, I can't believe I threw my name onto the signup sheet has fast as I did. A big thank you to Piper at One Sydney Road for hosting! And a shoutout to all the cool people, A-Z! This was super fun, and I have loved checking out what the rest of you have posted... I have peeked at every single one so far. :)
As for me and my letter, I just spent the last 12 hours at an event, with my camera in hand, hunting for P's...
Post Party
Just rolled in from a long day in LA, and seeing as it's nearly 2am,
I'll have to share the rest of the red carpet "P" sightings for later today.
Check back in a bit.
But right now, I'm going to go Pass out! :)