18 months

We have an 18 month old on our hands now.
Umm... they're crazy at this age.
Constant needed attention, super social, energy for hours crazy!
Ewan at 18 months...
-loves to color. Crayons, markers, paint, you name it.
-still sleeps with his boppy, bunny, and paci.
-flys around the house like an airplane. Complete with engine noises.
-is really good at animal noises. Lions and elephants are his specialty.
-loves bell peppers, cheese, and french fries. Takes after his mama. :)
-loves playing hide and seek. Can you see him hiding?
I know, he's really good.
-is learning how to ride a bike.
-loves to run. Far. Fast.
-thinks it's funny to take off his shirt by himself in public.
-can say "mama" and "dada". That's it. Baby sign has come in handy.
-is a confident dog walker.
-is eye teeth teething. 'Nough said. :)
-loves to grab your hand and lead you to what he wants.
-loves to laugh. Even if he has to fake laugh.
The best... his open mouth kisses.
I've tried to teach him to pucker.
But why mess with a good thing. :)