love december

I love the happy busyness this time of year,
and we are definitely not at a lack of doing things lately
just a lack of pictures of all the busyness.
I do, however, make use of my cell phone camera while out and about...

You know it's time for another baby when your "baby" pushes his own stroller now.
And as Becca pointed out recently...
BOY would it have been funny to plan out another Christmas Eve announcement!
Definitely not in the works, just to be clear. :)
Divot is always such a good sport...

Ewan got the worst haircut known to man yesterday.
But good news... no tears this time.
And better news... he happens to have a nice hat collection to utilize. :)
Had hot chocolate and movie nights with the sibs this weekend
while mom and dad are in San Francisco celebrating their 29th wedding anniversary.
Got stuff to make sausage and kale soup during these rainy days...

And while Ewan is tucked in at night,
I have been cozied up on the couch finishing my book club book,
A Severe Mercy. Great read.

And my baby is officially 16 months old today.
Can't wait for Christmas... 18 more days! :)