Mother's Day

My first Mother's Day was a hit! I loved being wished a Happy Mother's Day all day while we were out. And it was fun to connect with other mothers on the street and feel like part of the club.
We went to Laguna Beach. It was Ewan's first experience with the surf and sand. Although he was technically a part of this memorable trip.
The day included... sleeping in, crepes for breakfast, flowers and cards, mcdonald's for lunch, beautiful Laguna Beach, gorgeous weather, relaxing on the sand, playing with my mother's day gift, stroller walking the town, Cosmo's for dinner, take-home tiramisu for dessert... everything I had imagined a perfect day with my family to be.
I narrowed down the pictures to just a few favorites (out of the 130 we took! new camera, remember?) so not to bore you too much. :)

He LOVED the sand. And took off!

Daddy caught him. :)

Color editing right on the camera! All these pictures are straight from the camera, ahem, mini computer basically. :)

Proud mommy.

Happy baby.

Hope every mother and mother-to-be had as beautiful of a celebration as I did.