Got one!

A new camera! My lovely husband and son got me a new
point & shoot for Mother's Day and I LOVE it. I had resorted to taking pictures with my phone because our old camera (we had since we were dating) would take pictures like the one below (no artistic editing here, just the shutter not opening all the way) or wouldn't turn on period. It had a good run though. From dates to holidays to the birth of our first born, it took every one of the pictures on this blog, unless I noted otherwise. I'll be sure to give it a proper retirement.

Jeff knew EXACTLY what to get me for Mother's Day. And I couldn't be happier! Here he is testing out the NEW camera. While I read the manual of course. Someone's gotta know how to have the camera reach it's full potential. :)

We took a TON of pictures at the beach yesterday.
Can't wait to go through them all!