Organic Baby

I always wanted to be the mommy that made all of her baby's food at home from fresh ingredients, so as not to contaminate their pure, baby body with any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. I was inspired to do it like this mommy did, but realized when it comes to fruits and veggies Earth's Best Organic and Gerber Organic's were the next best thing. (My vegan friend would be proud of me for buying organic! She bought Ewan his first jars before he was even born, along with providing him organic cotton onesies. Love you Wendy!) Ewan is 8 months old now and eats just about everything. We pretty much determined that he's not allergic to anything, and likes everything. He now eats meat, we've fed him chicken, salmon, and tri-tip... thanks to Grandpa G's asado last week. And he loves cut up cheese and orzo pasta. I make a bland baby version of everything seperate from the adult version. It's so fun helping him discover new foods and watching him use his tiny fingers to feed himself.

First salmon... with potatoes and peas.
Daddy's big plate alongside Ewan's tiny pieces.
First Argentine asado... with potatoes and corn.