Go Gray!

Well, the more popular saying today, on Earth Day, would be
Go Green! However, our household will be going both colors, green and gray, thanks to this past Sunday's service at Mariner's.

It was a wonderful message about marriage, how it is a creation of God's that we need to take care of. The pastor related it to another one of God's creation that is all the rage, and oh so popular to take of now, Earth.

"We painstakingly separate our trash, we collect plastic bottles, we recycle newspapers, we watch our carbon footprint, we look out for our emissions, we wear t-shirts that say Save The Earth... all this in an attempt to protect God's creation... Earth. We do this because we want this Earth to be beautiful. We do it because we want to have something beautiful to pass down to our children. We will no longer sit by and watch the Earth be scorched any more. We will no longer watch it be polluted. We will no longer just sit by and watch it be neglected. Hopefully we do it not just because it's the cool thing to do. Hopefully we do it because it's God's creation, and it's the right thing to do. Marriage is also God's creation that needs to be tended to. Nurtured. Taken care of. Worked on. It will never be the cool thing to do, like it is to take care of the Earth. But it's the right thing to do." - Pastor Jeff Pries

So today... Go Green! Because Earth is God's creation, and it's the right thing to do. And for Jeff and I we will also, Go Gray! :)
To pick your color (and understand the silly significance of it), listen to the message here, titled As Good As It Gets.