Childbirth Classes

Like I mentioned, we have been attending our childbirth classes at the hospital. We've gone over a lot of anatomy, labor stages, and breathing techniques. During our last class, the instructor wanted a spouse to wear the 'baby belly' for an hour and tell of his experience. Because my husband is such a friendly guy, one of the spouses announced that Jeff would love to volunteer. He was a good sport and agreed to wear the belly. The instructor wrapped his chest with a thick band so that he could experience the amount of work it takes to breathe through squished lungs, she weighted him with the 30 pound belly and boobs, attached a sandbag to the underside of the belly to put pressure on his bladder, and dressed him in a lovely maternity mumu. Once he was all geared up he got to sit back down next to me and enjoy the pleasures of pregnancy for the next hour. He continually whispered to me that he couldn't breathe, felt like he was going to tip over, and that he thought his bladder was going to fall on his feet. It was fun to have him experience a small glimpse of what I've been going through. He has definitely been more appreciative of everything I go through to lovingly carry his baby. :)