oh hey blog, you've been quiet for a while.
it's been a long stretch since my last post,
january to june has been full of baby growing, graduations, birthdays.

currently, I'm balancing a laptop on my almost 40 week belly (pictured above) and waiting (not so) patiently for this baby to make her grand arrival (hopefully soon!).

by this time, both the boys were already here.
ewan came at 39 weeks and graham at 38 weeks.
so I fully expected the third to follow the same pattern.
but resting in God's perfect timing. as this whole pregnancy has been from the beginning.

i'm in the process of organizing all my photos on my computer and transferring everything off my phone so it's all fresh and ready for new baby photos. soooo, i'll be catching up on some blogging while i continue to play the baby waiting game.

due date in 3 days, weeee!