Within the last three weeks, we've been to the san diego zoo, wild animal park, and disneyland. Twice. We try to be passholders of only one of these parks at a time, but somehow this year we ended up with passes to all. Works out great while Jeff is out of school right now, we just met him last night after work for dinner and rides. Here is a handful of pictures from the parks over the last few weeks...

Ewan grabs a map to navigate. Like we've never been there before. Every time.
Our favorite california adventure spot for dinner and dancing. Every time.
Story of my life with this child right there.
We have a LOT of pressed pennies. From everywhere. Every time.
Flipping through the camera finding matching brother expressions kills me. See more here!
Exactly them right there. One never stops moving, and the other never moves.
Hands sweetly folded and all. (And hiiii my pretty bff!)
Tiki tiki tiki tiki tiki room last night. Twice.
Fried green tomato sandwiches. Every time.

Disneyland last night for dinner.
And last week to see aunt aimee dance.
Wild Animal Park with family.
Zoo day for mother's day.

We wear out our year-long passes like nobody's business.

And between the phone and camera, I don't think we have to take anymore pictures for the rest of the year. :)