worth the wait

Hours and hours were spent in a tiny waiting room yesterday. My sisters and I passed the time by catching up on reading ("Heaven is for Real", "The Journals of Rachael Joy Scott") making trips to the basement cafeteria for cookies and chocolate milk, and friendship braclet-ing our hearts out.
 And finally, 18 hours after Felicia's water broke and she rushed to the hospital,
baby made her grand appearance... Abigail Lin is here!
Baby girl is beyond beautiful. Tiny button nose, pouty lips, and holy HAIR! That sweetness was worth the wait, love her! And seeing my sister with baby, an exhausted/excited first-time mom, experiencing that overwhelming love, is amazing. So happy for her and all that is to come.
And now I'm counting down the hours till Jeff gets home to watch the boys again,
so I can hop over to the hospital to spend more time with that fresh, beautiful baby!