wip wednesday

It's Wednesday! It's February! It's crazy-month-I've-been-anticipating time!

Current work-in-progress includes:
  • Packing. I'm at a steady pace of once box a day. Gotta spread out the limited amounts of energy I have lately.
  • Baby growing. Speaking of energy, this baby seems to take all of it now that we're in the home stretch.
  • Rental hunting. Thought we were done with this, but got word an hour ago that we did not get our rental of choice due to another applicant willing to move in by friday. Disappointing. I've cried over lost rentals before, but I'm determined to move on (quickly!) and realize that this was not meant to be. God has a plan. We're in our lease 'till the 28th, so it's back to the drawing board (fast!) - we've got 3 weeks!
  • And potty-training/paci-quitting. Paci's will for sure be gone before baby. Ewan's been thoroughly informed. As for potty-training, I'm in no rush. We have good days, we have bad days. Looking forward to having an IN-HOME washer/dryer for all the ThomasTrain underpants... my #1 search criteria for rentals right now. :)
 And as far as yarn goes, got four fresh new skeins of 'charlotte blue' goodness that I'm trying out on a new granny square blanket pattern. I just love yarn and all the quiet time it consumes.

I really should go pack a box now though. :)