cell phone picture purge

I seem to have painted a pretty picture that all we ever do is go to Disneyland.
Here's proof of life beyond Main Street...

We walk. Alot. We take Divot around the block twice a day.
Along with "doggie", ipod, bike...


We play with toys. All. Day.


We drive. To market, to church, to beach, to hang with daddy...

We have lazy mornings, and cook yummy food at night.
I like to send Jeff snapshots of dinner on the stove to entice him to come home asap!

Ewan is his name. Silly adventures is his game.
. .

He's my little boyfriend when it's just the two of us. And we love coffee/milk dates.

And a few more randoms from the 100's in my phone...

which may include a few Disney ones. :)