digi downloads

As you've already noticed, I changed my header again. I change it a lot.
As a whole, I'm an indecisive person who likes constant change, variation, transformation, new direction, new options... you get the idea.
And you wonder why we move so much...? :)
Anyways, this blog is a fun hobby and creative outlet.
I love changing it up constantly.
I've been asked by several how/where everything comes from.
SO many sites, SO little time. Here's a few I like a lot...
Fonts and digital scrapping:
You'll find some freebies, but I always make sure my paypal account has funds available... :)
http://www.houseof3designdistrict.blogspot.com/ -Bought the love and heart banners used above.
http://www.elizabethkartchner.blogspot.com/ -She's great at referencing her digi scrapbook finds!
http://www.aliedwards.typepad.com/ -I use her personal handwriting font a lot.
Fun online photo editing:
Video editing:
Windows Movie Maker
Flip Editor -Came with the purchase of the vid cam.
Roxio Creator 2010 -Bought at Costco. Lots of options, but not very user friendly. Can anyone recommend a better one??
Header/Photo editing:
My own computer programs used...
Roxio PhotoSuite 11
MGI PhotoSuite 4
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Paint
Seriously, these all so old school but they work for somebody who doesn't have the big bucks for Photoshop. :)
And I'll grab simple pretty things from here:
http://www.simpledesktops.com/ -Used for the first 2 headers above.
Found via How About Orange - love this blog! Click on 'Free Downloads' and you'll be in for a ton more free fonts, desktops, backgrounds, printables... super fun stuff.
There is so much out there. I spend my late night quiet hours getting my digi find fill. Or in this case today... during the quiet nap hour. :)