point G

We made it to point G! Our new home for the next 12 months. :)
Point A through F are all the other moves we made in the last 6 years.

This is the closest we've been to the coast. 8 minutes to PCH and Dana Point Harbor!
But first things first... summer needs to get here.
And I need to finish unpacking.
But I've run outta room to put stuff!
This is not the first place we've lived at without a garage...
but we did have one at the last 3 places,
and we may have accumulated a little too much stuff because of it.
Or maybe the fact that it's a 3 person move now, instead of just 2 of us.

This picture of the kitchen was taken Monday. Ugh.
But there are a few less boxes now. :)

Ewan sees no difference in the new place.
As long as the bed has retained it's jumpability, life is good.

So far, we're loving it!
But we do miss our packing peeps
(and ALL our family!)
back in Murrieta.
Come visit soon!