Check Up

Ewan had his 9 month check up yesterday. (I posted his latest stats on the right.) The appointments are pretty routine, however this time they wanted to check his iron levels to make sure he's on track. They pricked his big toe to get a blood iron sample and it came back low. They did it again to run a second test... low. Now they want us to go across the street to the blood lab to have blood work done. Poor baby sat on daddy's lap while one blood technician held his arm straight and another one tried to find a vein. Ewan cried. No luck on the first arm, time to try the other arm. Luckily, it worked and they got what they needed.

Ewan is always so brave. He only cried during the vein probing, then stopped while his blood was still being taken. He then held it together in the waiting room while I finished up all the paperwork. As soon as we walked out of the office bulding and into the parking lot, he broke down crying again. Poor thing had to let it all out.
The doctor's office called later that afternoon to tell us everything was fine. No need to worry about his iron. Great news! Terrible that I had to put my baby through all that. However, he has more than recovered already. I think it was more traumatic for me than it was for him. I have since recovered too. :)

Nothing a warm IRON FORTIFIED formula bottle couldn't fix. :)