Trick or Treat!

Ewan's first Halloween was a blast! He got to go trick-or-treating with his Aunt Audra and Uncle Jared. He even got candy! Poor guy fell asleep after 5 houses, but we're pretty sure he still enjoyed it. We already can't wait until next year!

E for Ewan

Flower, Bee Keeper, and 2 Bumblebees

Ewan practicing his "I'm gonna sting you" face!

Felicia as a Mouse

Liana as Violet Incredible and Tarisa as Miss Ladybug

Ewan was happy with his glowstick

Here we go!

Trick or Treat!

Divot the Bee and Boo the Skeleton met Harry the Hotdog

My Bumblebees

Ewan loves his Grandma

Happy Halloween!