So busy!

Gosh, where do I start! So much has been going on and I'm having trouble keeping up with it all!

  • Jeff and I have been working long hours lately. With the hour commute to work and the hour drive home, we leave the house around 7am and have been getting home around 8:00pm every night. We have always enjoyed the time in the car together but because of my lack of energy recently, I'm usually asleep during both trips now. Poor Jeff is left to talk radio for some interaction.
  • My eyes have been examined by several doctors over the last year due to severe dry eye. Because of the pregnancy I haven't had many options to try, but the final decision was to plug one tear duct in each eye to keep moisture in. So, I had the procedure done Thursday, and so far so good. I'll be keeping a 'watchful eye' on my eyes. :)
  • We got the carseat and stroller! It was the last thing we needed, and his parents generously and lovingly wanted to get it for the baby. We love it and are now able to take the little guy home once he's finally here.
  • We took a tour of the hospital, including the labor and delivery rooms. This was a fun night meeting 200 other pregnant women who are all going to be giving birth around the same time. There was quite an energy in the presentation room with all the women, spouses, nurses, local vendors, door prizes, and yummy cookies - which all of us pregos couldn't get enough of! I'm looking forward to my stay soon... we absolutely love our hospital.
  • We started our childbirth classes! We are having a blast, making friends, learning a lot, and look forward to going each week.

The countdown of the final weeks is moving too fast! I still have a long list of things to get done before the baby arrives. We'll see if I'm able to get to everything, but I'm already preparing myself for the fact that to-do lists are not going to be much of a priority pretty soon. :)